The Different Types of Men’s Formal Shoes you can look to Buy

No shoe company is complete in itself without a range of formal shoes. Let it be Lee Cooper, Woodland or Red Tape, each of the shoe company has an impressive range of formal shoes. You may find different types of formal shoes soothing your style. Red Tape shoes are built with classy designs according to the latest fashion trends. You may find dynamic shoes collection under this brand and many other shoe brands.

Different Types of Formal Shoes

Before you buy the formal Red Tape shoes, you should know about the different options available with you. There are different types of formal shoes that exist in the market. Some of its most popular types are as follow:


The oxford formal shoes are classic in every sense and will make you look smart. One of the most distinguishing features that separate the oxfords from Derbys is the eyelets that are fixed under the vamps of these shoes. These shoes look the best when you wear them with the pants having right lengths.


Derbys is too similar to the oxfords, but the closed laces are missing. It gives a more relaxed vibe to the shoes and can be worn with formals. You will be impressed by its decorative details, shape of toes, and the sleekness. The shoes appear sexy with formal trousers. These are available in tan, black, and brown colors too.


These are the gentleman’s shoes. These are classy and will go well with the formal attire. The solid trousers will look sexy with these shoes. You will love the extra stitching on the toe. These are well tailored to suit your style.

Monk Straps

Monk Straps shoes are very similar to the loafers as they also don’t have the laces. The eye-catchy strap and the metal buckle on the top makes this shoe stand out differently. You can either choose the square toe monk straps or the sleeker ones. The stunning suit or the dark-colored pants will look stunning. You can surely impress the people at the corporate events wearing the monk straps.


If you don’t love laces and the metal buckle then the loafers are made for you. They often appear to be casual, but can be worn easily with any type of outfit. They are sleeker and the dressy elements used in its designs make them the ideal formal shoes for you. They may or may not features the instinctive details like stitching or overlays, but will give a nice look once you wear them.

Dress Boots

These are very similar to the formal loafers and can be worn during the daytime. These are the best daytime formal shoes. You can pair them with the well tailored pants and the snazzy jackets. These can be ideal shoes for the formal meetings as well as for the afternoon engagements. These are generally available in blackish shades.

The Last Words

These are the different types of formal shoes available in the market. You may find these formal Red Tape shoes available at different online stores and local stores as well. Go for them.